Monday, April 18, 2011

What is a Localvore?

A Localvore is a person who consumes foods grown within or less than 100 miles of his/her residence. Conventional produce, on average, can travel 1500 miles before it arrives to your Grocery Store.  There are so many good reasons for being a Localvore.  It reduces the amount of gas emissions put into our environment.  Think about the amount of gas it takes to transport produce sometimes thousands of miles.  Produce that is grown locally is minimally handled, meaning it does not pass too many hands before it is in yours, because of this it is less likely to be contaminated.  It is also harvested and available to you at its prime, when all its nutrients are still present.   You are also supporting our local and hard working farmers who rely on us to keep them open, and provide us with beautiful crops. Also, when produce is grown hundreds and thousands of miles away it has to be harvested before it is ripe... in order to be able to travel.  What would you prefer?? A peach or an apple that was picked green and allowed to ripen in a crate vs. one that was allowed to ripen on the tree?  The flavor difference is obvious. Keeping all these points in mind will allow us to make more responsible choices when it comes to what we feed our families. Celebrate Earth Day by eating local!  

- J. Ferguson

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