Sunday, February 20, 2011


Feeling a little under the weather? Had a little too much to drink?? Feeling BLAH.... ??? This is an amazing soup to give you that pick me up you are looking for!!! Don't fear the onions.... there are 6 in this recipe...!!! I know it sounds crazy but Onions are jam packed with immune-supportive Vitamin C, Chromium to help balance sugar levels, a ton of Fiber for Heart and Intestinal health. They are also a wonderful source of Manganese and Molybdenum which boost enzymes in the body, Vitamin B6, Folate, and Potassium,  Energy-Enhancing Phosphorus, Copper for Bone Support.  Onions are also low in Calories... only 60 in a whole cup. Mushrooms!!! Mushrooms have such incredible healing properties and are known for being an amazing protector against Cancer!!! Great source of the three essential B Vitamins... Riboflavin, Niacin, and Pantothenic Acid. Try this soup... just once and you will see what I am talking about!!! The power of food is amazing!


6 White or Yellow Onions, Sliced... Diced... or Minced in Food Processor
1 Whole Package of Baby Bella Mushrooms, or any you may have
1 Whole Bunch of Kale or Spinach (if using Spinach... add right before serving)
3-4 Stalks of Celery, diced
8 Cups of Veggie Stock or 8 Cups of water and  4 tablespoons Powdered Veggie Bouillon
2 Teaspoons Dry Parsley
1 Teaspoon Dry Oregano
1/2 Teaspoon Dry Thyme
2 Bay Leaves
1/4 Cup of Olive Oil
Pepper... Lots of Pepper

Heat Oil and add the Onions... make sure that you lower the heat to medium... you do not want to brown the onions... this will make your soup sweet!

Cook for 10 minutes... this is what they should look like!

Add Celery and spices.

Cook for about 2 minutes.

Add Kale and Mushrooms

Cook for about 2 minutes.

Add Veggie Stock or 8 cups of Water and 4 Tablespoons of Veggie Bouillon

Simmer for 10 minutes

This soup is amazing... and makes you feel GREAT!!!

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