Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well I wanted to give you some groovey bacteria names and numbers... but seriously they are in the hundreds.... !!!!  Alot of times we think that good old soap and water will do the trick, but that is not true!!! The bacteria that is in our cutting boards can make us very ill, and even in some extreme cases cause death. It takes a couple of minutes to do maintenence on our boards ... If your board is really stained... I would suggest bleach at that point... and make sure you rinse throughly before it comes in contact with food... better yet ... chuck it and start fresh... better be safe than sorry.  The method used below works great for wooden boards are well.... remember to treat your wooden boards and spoons with a good quality oil... World Market and WilliamsSonoma have great ones. For Daily use maintance... I keep a small spray bottle of White Vinegar under the sink... spray after washing and let it dry.

Cutting Board after preparing dinner

Slice a lemon... add about 1/4 Cup of Baking Soda... a few drops of Soap

Squirt the lemon on the soap and baking soda... it will fizz...

Using the lemon as a scrubber.... give it some good elbow grease.

You will have some left on the lemon... don't waste it.... hit the kitchen sinks!!!!
Don't stop there... throw the lemon down the drain and run the water on high... turn disposal on and let her rip!!!

Rinse with super hot water!!!


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