Monday, March 21, 2011

Chiles Reyenos

Okay... maybe this is not so healthy... but it is so good. And pretty easy to make.  I don't deep fry... just pan fry... so that is my way to sort of keep them on the healthier side... these are step by step instructions... if you follow... you will not fail!!!!  This recipe makes 6 Chiles.

6 Anaheim Chile Peppers, Fresh
6 Thick Slices of Monterey Jack Cheese
3 Eggs, Room Temperature
Salt and Pepper
Oil for Pan Frying

Place the Chiles on the open fire... and Char the outside until all nice and black... I use tongs to turn.

Place in Zip Lock bag to steam for at least 30 minutes. Run the chiles under warm water to wash off all the charred skin... using a small knife cut a small slit in chile to remove the inner membrane and the seeds.  Set the Chile aside.

Separate the Yolks from the Whites.

Beat the room temperature egg whites until soft peaks form

Add the yolks and salt to taste

Beat until all mixed together.

Set up your assembly line... from right to left... Salt... Chiles... Cheese... Flour... Batter... and Pan.

Open the Chile... Pat dry, salt to taste.

Insert the cheese....

Place on flour and coat on both sides.

Place in batter and coat both sides.

Place in pan hot pan... slit side down.

Cook for about 2 minutes on each side until golden brown.

Serve Hot with Rice and Beans... MMMMmmmm

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