Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fergie's Leftover Mashed & Ham Potato Pancakes

It is sacrilegious in this house to make just enough mashed potatoes for dinner... I always have to have left overs for 2 of my kids favorite dishes. Tacos de Papa and Potato Pancakes.  I also had left over ham from Christmas Dinner but you can leave it out or added another meat or even veggie.  So get creative.  Same with the cheeses... I always have an assortment of cheeses in the freezer.  One of my most favorite multi use cheeses I ALWAYS have is Fontina... I use it in Italian Food, Mexican, French... and it also make crazy good grilled cheese sandwiches... you really should consider it.  This is what you will need for these amazing, crispy little rounds of goodness!!!

2 Cups Cold Left Over Mashed Potatoes
3 oz. of Fontina Cheese
1/4 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese 
1/3 Cup Garbanzo Flour
1-2 Cups Ham (or some other meat or veggie)
1-2 Cups Panko Breadcrumbs
Oil for Cooking 

In a large bowl combine the cold mashed potatoes

Believe it or not I buy this Fontina at Target!!!!  It is the perfect amount... I split them in half and freeze one half and refrigerate the other half.  

Combine the fontina, and the potatoes... 

Add the parmesan cheese... 

Instead of using nasty ole white flour why not use a flour that will actually add nutrients and flavor??? Garbanzo flour is my absolute favorite binder... you will see that I use it a lot. 

Add the ham and the garbanzo flour... 

Using your hands combine well put don't overmix!!!

I don't like deep frying, I usually pan fry which gets you the same effect with a fraction of the oil!!!!

Put the Panko in a small bowl ... I use an ice cream scooper to have same size pancakes.... shape them with your hands and cover with panko all the way around. 

Heat the oil and place your pancakes in the pan... 

I turn about 2-3 times to achieve a nice crusty exterior ... 

They are beautiful, delicious and so easy to make... 

We eat them as a breakfast meal and serve with an over medium egg on top... you can also make poached eggs to top them with... 

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