Thursday, October 27, 2011

Temecula Spice Merchant

So I took a stroll up Fifth Street in Old Town Temecula and ended up in a little bit of Heaven.  The smells pulled me from the sidewalk down this little brick walkway ... I stepped in the doorway and heard the angels sing!  Temecula Spice Merchant is a rustic yet chic little shop full of spices, sea salts, teas, spice blends, honey's, dry chile's... from exotic to everyday use.    

The staff is extremely knowledgable and eager to help. 

This is by far one of my favorite new places... 

This is what I came home with ... 

Can't get through Fall or Winter without plenty of Sage... 
even good as an herbal tea for colds and sore throats... 

Verbena Tea... absolutely amazing on a cold and rainy day, a real treat!

Marjoram, a must for making homemade sausage and in stews and soups... 

White Peppercorns... Subtule, smooth, even great in spice cookies and even better in a Blood Mary!

Black Truffle Salt... A treat on your baked potato... mixed in butter over a steak... 

Garam Masala... a stale in most indian dishes and my secret ingredient (not so secret now) in my zucchini and carrot bread. 

Turmeric... aside from being a natural anti inflammatory, this is an 
incredibly aromatic and will give your soups and rice dishes that little 
"Umph" they needed. 

Madagascar Vanilla Bean... Vanilla has nothing on a whole bean!  
I bought this bean to make vanilla sugar... just stick the whole bean in a large jar of 
sugar and you have the most delicious vanilla sugar !

Espresso Powder... I use this when cooking with chocolate... makes it taste richer and 
more intense... 

This my friends is something new... I have never used it but when I took a little sniff I decided I could not leave the store without it.  

In short, please check this shop out... they also take online orders. 

41925 Fifth Street, Suite 101 Temecula, CA 92590
Store Hours : Mon-Fri 10-5; Sat 9-5; Sun 11-4

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